A buzzing ecosystem to connect Students, Industry and Academia
Project-X is a social network connecting students, academia and industry personnel in the context of the final year academic projects. It is also a digital repository of the final year B.E. projects of Computer and IT of the previous years

The intention of this network is to make the information of all the past projects available to the upcoming batches of B.E. This will aid the students, colleges and industry in multiple ways...
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Key Features
  • Students will be able to look at past projects and work upon enhancements. Having a searchable database of projects will reduce repeated projects
  • The internal guides can interact better with the students doing projects and see that they are proceeding according to a proper time-line and monitor them closely
  • People from the industry can become members of this site and be mentors of the students. There are a lot of resources available, some key ones being...
    • a document archive
    • a bank of 'good reads' with comments on them from experts
    • a whiteboard (similar to google docs) that can be shared between the students and their guides
    • presentations, videos of projects
    • a place to float open ideas for which people from the industry and academia can seek project students
    • f. a searchable database of students with specific skill sets (based on their projects) for employment in your organization. The project would be a good measure to judge the capabilities of a candidate, rather than only going by marks - which at times may not reflect the quality of the candidate
  • A bank of experts from a company like yours who can provide guidance and pointers to students in their projects
  • A bank of judges and examiners can be maintained who can choose what projects they want to judge at different project competitions being held
...and many more useful features
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News and Updates
  • Project-X team has come up with a special licensed version for industries to manage the academic projects sponsored within the company and for special reports for campus hiring
  • Lessons in English being given free on Project-X, for the students - so that when you hire them, they come with much better communication skills
  • Project-X Graph based search to quickly find out how to reach a particular project or student in the network
GS Lab Pvt. Ltd., Pune
National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
Rise Smart India Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Students from several colleges
COEP, Pune
PICT, Pune
VIT, Pune
MIT, Pune
Cummins College, Pune
SIT, Pune
K.K.Wagh, Nashik
and many more...
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