Generate, Deploy, Collate
and Analyze Surveys
VitalStatistix is a generic tool for
  • Creating a wide range of forms
  • Collecting and collating the information that is gathered through these forms
  • Analyzing the information and
  • Creating presentations based on the analyses
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Key Features
  • A form designed in VitalStatistix can be printed, and / or deployed via email and / or published on the web, on the Internet or your intranet
  • Email deployment can be scheduled, in a variety of ways. For instance, you can schedule a feedback form to be sent to specific people, like your branch offices, every Monday, to gather information on the week's account receivables. Or you can schedule a feedback form to be mailed to customers from a particular area four days after a new service has been introduced to them... the possibilities are limited only by your needs
  • When a form is printed and distributed, responses/answers to the questions can be entered manually in VitalStatistix and then made available for analysis. When a questionnaire is sent by email or published on the web or intranet, responses/ answers are directly fed into VitalStatistix and made available for analysis
  • Summary reports and some other kinds of reports can be generated on the responses to your questionnaire. The data can also be analyzed using several standard statistical functions. Certain advanced statistical options - cross-tabulation, regression analysis and frequency distribution - are also provided
  • An added advantage is that - analysis can be done either using the installed VB client or it can also be done remotely using the web browser. If you use the web client for doing the analysis, you don't need to do any installation on the computers of the users who would be doing the analysis
  • Even as you are doing the analysis, you can export the results to Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, HTML, Bitmaps and several other formats
  • These powerful and extensive features make VitalStatistix a highly useful tool for a variety of applications
Bosch Ltd., India
Cambridge Tech. Partners, USA
CMC Ltd., India
Compaq, USA
iBasis Inc, USA
Thermax Ltd., India
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