Desktop Applications
SOS Reporter
Customer Cliosoft Inc., Fremont, CA, USA
Development Tools C, SQLite
Soft Corner's role Development of the SOS Reporter based on the specifications given by ClioSoft Inc.
ClioSoft Inc. is a premier developer of hardware configuration management (HCM) solutions. It has built a design data collaboration platform called SOSTM.

SOS is used for version management of design data where users can check in and check out the design / data files and make appropriate changes. All the changes are tracked by this software. This software generates a huge amount of data for every change and puts all this information in an Audit Trail log file.

SOS Reporter - is a command line tool developed for the administrator to generate various reports based on the Audit Trail file generated by SOS. The tool has two parts - a data extractor and actual report generator.
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SpecSHE (Sales Order Processing)
Customer Alfa Laval Spiral snc, Nevers, France
Development tools Visual Basic, Visual C++, Gupta SQLBase (Centura)
Soft Corner's role The project was jointly designed by Alfa Laval Sprial and Soft Corner and was completely developed by Soft Corner
The system breaks an order which is received by e-mail into its Bill of Material and estimates the time and cost for the production of the Spiral Heat Exchangers (based on Routings and Hourly rates etc.).

The Order acknowledgement FAX is generated through the system. Within minutes the system also produces the Production drawings for the ordered Spiral Heat Exchanger.

The front end for the system was in VB and the backend database was SQLBase (Centura) from Gupta.
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Multiple Business Systems
Multiple business systems were developed for Black & Decker Bajaj Ltd., Chakan, India. The project had modules for Product Structure Management - containing the complete Bill of Material system and related reporting, Inventory (from creation of the initial documents to all the analysis reports), Order processing and Invoicing from the warehouse and the factory and complete Dealer Accounting.

Some of the above modules were also developed for Philips (India) Ltd. and Aarem Electronics Pvt. Ltd. from Pune, India.
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