Our success in customized software development and product development services can be largely attributed to our very experienced team of business analysts who spend time in understanding the business needs of our customers to the last dot. We have always believed in using the relevant technology for solving business problems rather than using latest technology because it is available.

Our work can be broadly classified under the following…
Product development services
Web based business applications
Desktop Business applications
System Integration
Social Networking
OSS/BSS Integration / Mediation
Given above are only some of the applications. Please call on us to know more about other projects.
We also offer long term offshore software development and product development services to several companies in India, USA and Sweden.
We are currently development partners for companies like the following (in alphabetical order)…
Alfa Laval India Ltd., Pune, India
deAsra Foundation, Pune, India
KP Corporate Solutions Ltd., Pune, India
Layerzero Power Systems Inc., OH, USA
Malmö University, Sweden
PAT Management AB, Sweden
Shelter Associates, Pune, India
In the past we have also provided such long term services to large companies like Compaq Computer Corporation in USA and Alfa Laval AB in Sweden.
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