System Integration
Customer Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden
Platform FreeBSD OS
Development Tools PHP, MySQL, javascript and Java servlets.
Soft Corner's role Re-doing the entire user interface of their existing e-learning system and enhancing the functionality by adding several complex modules
Within Malmö University, apart from classroom interaction, this tool provides teacher-student interface for conducting courses online and online interaction. The system is specifically targeted for use in pedagogical research.
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Customer VastPark Pty Ltd., Melbourne, Australia
Development tools ASP.Net, C#, MS SQL Server, MindTouch Dream Framework
Soft Corner's role Involved in design, implementation and deployment of a web service with API for tracking operations on the virtual world entities.
VastPark is an open virtual worlds platform with free 3D tools. The virtual world artifacts and tools are stored on the Amazon server.

The web service is used to log every action that the user performs on these artifacts and tools. It allows the user to perform action only if the user has the necessary permissions on the tools. Whenever any Publisher adds, edits or deletes an artifact, the web service API will update the database status for that Item. Non-Publisher user can only see list of Items and can download an Item if h/she has permission to get that Item. In case of Item listing and downloading, web service API updates the database with appropriate status change.
Lockbox Remittance System
Customer Chemical Bank, NY, USA (through Iowa Computer Resources, Iowa, USA)
Platform B-39 system with CTOS, S4000 MICR reader and printer, IVIS graphic workstations
Development tools C, Pascal, COBOL
Soft Corner's role Engineers from Soft Corner developed the major modules in the system based on the design given by Iowa Computer Resources Inc.
This system was developed for the end customer Chemical Bank (NY, USA) through Iowa Computer Resources Inc, Iowa, USA.

A high speed camera is connected to the UNISYS S4000 MICR reader. All the cheques that passed through the reader are also photographed by this camera. A cluster of B-39 machines is connected for doing the processing while IVIS workstations are used for displaying the images of cheques. The operators on these workstations are shown all those cheques which are dog eared/soiled for entering the routing information. The handwritten amounts on each cheque is also entered into the system.

The cheques are now passed through a MICR printer and all the information which was entered is printed at the bottom part of the cheque. Once the amounts are there in MICR, the clearing of cheques becomes automated.
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Software License Management (SLM) enhancement to IBIS
Customer Compaq Worldwide Service Head Quarters, MA, USA
Development tools Microsoft Visual C++, ObjectBroker, Visual Basic, SQL Server, ASP
Soft Corner's role The System was developed by Soft Corner for Compaq. Soft Corner was responsible for the development of the GUI, the web interface and testing of the SLM module of the system
IBIS (Integrated Billing Information System) is a product designed by Compaq Global Services, MA, USA (Now HP) for managing the billing and assets for their outsourcing business. The system has a 3-Tier architecture. The front end is in VB / Web (using ASP). The Middle layer uses OLE and CORBA using VC++ and Digital ObjectBroker. The database is Microsoft SQL Server.

Soft Corner was involved in the design and development of the Software License Management - an extension to IBIS.

A separate software license management module was also developed later on for Mastek Ltd, Mumbai, India. This was also integrated with their other business systems.
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