Web based business applications
Compaq Asset Manager (CAM)
Customer Compaq Worldwide Service Head Quarters, MA, USA (Now HP)
Development tools Microsoft Visual C++, DCOM, Visual Basic, SQL Server, ASP, JavaScript
Soft Corner's role Compaq Asset Manager was designed jointly with Compaq and entirely developed by
Soft Corner
Compaq Asset Manager is a workflow system meant for the Request/Approval processes in ordering IT assets and services. It has been integrated with IBIS (Integrated Billing Information System) which is used by Compaq for managing the billing and assets for their outsourcing business. CAM is also integrated with the CRM tool, 'Clarify'
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Customer Layerzero Power Systems Inc., OH, USA
Development tools
  • ASP.Net, C#, Javascript, Jquery
  • SharePoint Server 2003 - used as document storage
  • Crystal Report - For generating various reports
  • MS Visio 2010 - For generating electrical drawings of the Product Models
  • MS SQL Server 2005
Soft Corner's role The System was completely designed and developed by Soft Corner based on the requirements specified by Layerzero
eBOSS (Elecronic Back Office System Software) - is an enterprise level Project Management System, that centralizes, the internal working of LayerZero. It maintains the entire workflow of a Project, right from its Quotation phase -> an Order -> a Job -> progress of the Job -> Post commissioning to finally getting to the Incidents and Customer Service
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