Travel and Expense management System

ekspens consists of 2 parts

Admin part

Responsible for one-time system configurations

 Admin part

Responsible for day-to-day activities

End users part

Responsible for reimbursement workflow for Claim and requisitions


A.   One-time setup to be done by Admin / appropriate role

  • Configuration of expense templates for employees to be able to submit travel requisitions and different types of claims with or without requisitions.
  • Configuration of expense template for petty cash management, if that feature is needed
  • Definition of expense template wise workflows (e.g. separate workflow for travel related claims vs business expenses related claims)
  • Definition of approver(s) for a cost center / type of claim / branch – for each employee.
  • Multiple currency support configuration for overseas travel related claims
  • Configuration of masters like – Cost centers, Branch, Exhaustive list of reasons available for Claims, General Ledger Code mapping
  • Add / Edit users
  • Definition of role and access for every activity performed in the system
  • Configuration of multiple reports using Report designer
  • Configuration of role based access for each configured report before rolling out the report


B.   Activities of Finance person / Admin / appropriate role

  • Currency rate import for multi-currency support
  • Day-to-day Petty cash management
  • Claim / Travel requisition approval
  • Claim / Travel requisition verification and settlement
  • Petty cash reimbursement
  • Petty cash reverse recovery in case of mismatch
  • Petty cash accounting with split of an expense across multiple cost centers
  • Automatic Journal Voucher generation for different periods
  • Journal Voucher export for integration with different accounting systems and ERPs
  • CSV export for day-to-day bank transactions related to claim settlements
  • Role based dashboards for MD and accountant


C.   Activities of Standard users

  • Standard users can use website as well as Android app for submitting claims
  • Android app also supports on the fly photo capture for receipts / vouchers
  • 2-way sync between app and website
  • Android app is functional even when No network connection is available and automatically syncs when in network
  • Real time notifications on both web as well as app, provide immediate visibility of the approval progress on submitted Claim / Requisitions
  • Different dashboards for MD and Accountant
  • View Reports rolled out by Admin
  • View graphical representation of reports

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